2015 is the Year of the Wood Sheep, a year of kindness, well-being and creativity; also a year of the harmonic 8.


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Reading Statistics

total full books : 76, German: 6, total pages: 21372
63 eBooks, including 50 for review | 16 paperbacks, 5 hardcover

* new authors : 43 * re-reads: 6 *

Manga: 65, total of 8693 pages

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Blog Statistics

NEW this year:
  • 46 Book Reviews
  • 2 TV series reviews
  • 8 Swoons
  • 23 Teasers
  • 155 WoWs
  • 16 Me, my Shelf, and I
  • 8,280 page views
  • 221 Book Reviews
  • 34 Movie Reviews
  • 10 Series Comments
  • 32 HEEs
  • 42 Swoons
  • 76 Teasers
  • 23 Character Posts
  • 124 WoWs
  • 11 TV Series Reviews
  • 40 Recaps

Overall: 840 Posts | 3,228 Comments

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I Challenged Myself to

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Zessi has read 94 books toward her goal of 60 books.

My 2015 Reading Challenge is set on 50 (+10) books, including any new mangas. I'm aming low this year, since I will hopefully have a lot to do jobwise. 😉
The count runs on Goodreads.com.


2015 Hard Heart Reading Challenge

This challenge is aiming to help clear some books you've been pushing around on your tbr for a while off your ever-growing pile. This year, it's about picking up books lying around on your pile since before 2013. If you want to participate, go here.

My Possible Suspects: Part 1 - Part 2


Series Reading 2015

In this challenge, you gain points for buying and reading on in your series, and lose points for starting new ones.


ARC-Kill April 2015

This is a challenge-giveaway combination. The more participants and linked-up reviews, the higher the price for the winner.


2015 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

In this witchy challenge, it's all about magic and sorcery. I don't have particular goal for this, but oogled 3 reads standing out on my pile that have been sitting there for a while now. If you want to take part too, follow the link from the picture to the sign up!


2015 Fur & Fangs Reading Challenge

Since vampires and werewolves are among my usual book diet, I won't find it hard to read 10 of them over the year, just like last year. If you want to take part too, follow the link from the picture to the sign up!


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