Series: Demon Underground 1
Format: eBook
Pages: 229
Language: English
Debut: September 30, 2008
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Life after high school is tough enough without having to go 15 rounds with your inner demon. Val Shapiro is just your ordinary, part-demon, teenaged vampire hunter with a Texas drawl. And a pet hellhound named Fang. Soon enough she finds herself deep in the underbelly of the city, discovering the secrets of the Demon Underground and fighting to save those she loves. Whether they love her back or not.

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 27

Val was.. awesome. Not your ordinary type of heroine, and I'm not talking about her being half demon. Suppressing her inner succubus sure is a hard task for a young girl like herself -- especially a seducing succubus! --, yet I was a lot more interested in her relationship with her family. Having parents that shy away or even hate you, while your younger sister looks up to you so much it discredits you with your parents even more is not exactly an easy situation. Being tossed out the house at your birthday isn't, either. I don't know how Val handled it so... so calmly. Okay, getting stabbing remarks in forever probably hardens you to more cruel things, but I still couldn't get myself to understand how she could still care about her family so much after all of that. Val is a really, really respectable character with a great heart.

All the more I wanted her to meet Mr. Right, but that wasn't that easy, either. Which sucked, big time. I mean, she had enough to deal with already, why does not one thing come along easy for once? So unfair. I'd glad she found Gwen, although it didn't exactly work out with her and Dan. Which was aweful, 'coz I liked him and I saw a lot of potential in their relationship. However, I can't really say I dislike Shade. He's such a wow-guy, and has such a sweet personality, and they acutally compliment each other very well. BUT, I just can't settle for everything as peachy and perfect. Although they still have one problem or another together, it's still easier for them than it would be fore Val and Dan. Well, it could be totally easy if Dan wouldn't be such a sissy about things. I know I'm contradicting myself about Val's happiness here, but... but that's just how torn this journey left me!

It was good to read how Val quickly found new family, otherwise I would've probably stopped reading. For one, there's her part hellhound mutt Fang, and secondly there's the leader of the Demon Underground, Micah, who is part incubus and thus like a distant cousin. The other part demons in the Underground have a lot of potential to become close friends, which is like picking out your family instead of being born into one. Although her part-demon routes kind of predestine Val there... It's not as complicated as I make it sound!

Anywhooot, I liked the story a lot, it was exciting as well as interesting. The vampires starting to organize in a New Blood Movement, so that people would know about them and they can donate blood if they want to, but vamps are punished with death if they continue to harm humans while being part of the movement. I liked the reason in all of this, and the leader Alejandro was also an interesting character who I enjoyed reading about. I had my supisicons about the ending, so it wasn't a total revelation, but the how was great, since it was both very demonic, yet also very Val.

Area Scan: Style: 5/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Characters: 4/5 -- Romance: 4/5 -- Suspense: 3/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Fantasy: 4/5

Discovered: 5 Hoods

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