The Book Rogue was formerly running as D's Bookworld (until July 2012). Thus, some early content has just been re-posted without fitting the theme, and post counts continue on from the old blog.


I am rating out of five (5). I will give an overall rating, but I will also pick out single aspects of the book/movie/whatever and rate them seperately because I think it will give a better way to comprehend how I came up with the rating I gave, and it'll be easier for others to pick up something they like based on their own priorities when choosing.

Furthermore, I will not go back and change a rating I gave when I first read something just because I found something else that raised my rating standards. It'll only influence any further ratings. Thus, some descriptions to the following rating chart may not be accurate before 01-10-2014.

1 Hoods -- Urghs, totally shouldn't have
2 Hoods -- I muddled through and it had it's points, but still not good
2+ Hoods -- It had some good, some bad, and kept you going
3 Hoods -- Okay, wouldn't call it a waste of time
3+ Hoods -- Enjoyable, but nothing memorable
4 Hoods -- Very nice, might already be a re-read
4+ Hoods -- Very good, would recommend that
5 Hoods -- Great to awesome, and definitively re-read material
5+ Hoods -- Absolutely blew my mind and is a favorite


Of course all (or mostly all) my reviews will be posted on this blog. All of my book reviews can also be found on Goodreads.

Well, I'm not examining books on the literature professor level, but as a translator I know a thing or two about writing and style which, of course, will influence my ratings just as a lot of reading and comparing with other works will.

My posts and ratings will always be honest and uninfluenced, without any payments by authors or publishers involved, and although I might use a harsh word or two, I do not intend to actually insult/boycott any author or publisher.

What I review:
1. Fiction only
2. but in that field almost anything: mostly Fantasy and Paranormal, occasionally I even pick up a work of Real Life Fiction if it's either dramatic-romantic or funny enough; both YA and Adult, preferably with a strong smut factor.

I review for

Promotion Requests

1. Reviews
I am generally open to the idea of reviewing for promotion purposes, but because I am a very moody reader, I only do so much at a time. But I am always happy to be asked, but please take the following policy into consideration.

  1. Please only offer me things I could actually be interested in, as seen above. Maybe you could cross-reference with a few of my blog posts.
  2. With a review request, you are asking for my personal and honest opinion, and that's what you're going to get. No whining, bitching or flaming when I end up rating the book not quite as you imagined.
  3. You may request a date to which I should have my review finished, but I am not making any guarantees. If we agreed on a date together, I will do my best to try and make it.
  4. If you don't give me a date, I sure won't give you one. The review will be posted when I finish it, or I may not even write/post it, or maybe it'll only appear on Goodreads.

2. Blog Tours
If a review request comes along with a blog tour, and I chose to review the given book, I am more than happy to oblige. The tour review post may include a banner and links/references to the author, but I refuse to do/post interviews as well as cover reveals.
Since a blog tour is tied to a fixed day, I expect to be told a couple of dates to chose from, so I can arrange my schedule accordingly, or decline the tour spot if I can't make it.

3. Book Blitz
I'm not into promoting books I didn't like, or haven't read. However, I might join in a book blitz if it's something I'm really looking forward to.

4. Guest Posts
Not exactly my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

All PR requests are to be submitted to the following e-mail address:

promo [ät]


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4. Tags and Blog Awards
I appreciate the thought, guys, but I dispise all things chain-mail-related. If you tag me, I won't participate and pass it on unless I'm in a particularly good mood.

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