Providence Trilogy
by Jamie McGuire

#1: Providence
#2: Requiem
#3: Eden


  • Talehs: I like the principle of an angel or hybrid being bound to a certain person as their guardian. I mean guardian angels are the most popular sort, aren't they? But I really, really love the fact that if the human dies, the angel or hybrid dies with him/her. It's just the right amount of tragedy.
  • Hybrids: Good thought out how they'd differ from full angels in abilities, physique, rights and responsibilities. Well done.
  • Jared for Nina: Absolutely! I mean, hey, he's watching her 24/7, and can feel part of what she feels. So of course he'd see a lot more of the good than of the bad, since it's better for his own state of mind, but also because Nina is generally a decent person. I can see why he'd fall for her despite her faults.
  • Love Triangle - Jared x Nina x Ryan: I thought it made a lot of sense. Although I still hope to live to see the day that the girl will NOT pick the paranormal creature, but the good, normal guy. Okay, okay, I'll stop. I really thought this was a good one, especially with the part of "meant to be in your life", that gave it a very authentic feeling. But I also enjoyed how the problem was solved, since it wasn't an easy road there.
  • Supporting characters: Bex, Claire, Beth and Kim were each better than Nina and Jared combined. Well, especially combined. I think they should get their own stories.

In Between:

  • Plot: Actually good, a few bumps here and there, but okay. Unfortunately, the realization was not doing the idea justice.


  • The Half Open Bexter: Why oh why did little cutie Bex not get a Taleh? I was so curious what she (yes, definitively a girl!) would be like, and how they'd fall in love. I wanna know. *sniff* Guess I'll be going for FFs on this one...
  • Nina for Jared: The typical scenario of nice girl falls for the dark, tall stranger. *le sigh* Well, light stranger in Jared's case, but you get the idea. I think it made it worse that she acted hilariously addicted, like she felt physical pain, although she's neither superhuman nor hybrid, or anything other on that line. Basically, a Bella clone o.O -- yikes!
  • Character development: Uhm, kinda non-existent? Do I have to say any more??
Series Rating: 2+ Hoods

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