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English \ eBook, 268 pages
Debut: February 11, 2015
@: GoodReads

Read: February 7-16, 2015

In this YA/NA collection, all of your favorite heroines are cashing in their V-Cards! YA just got steamy, sexy, and not afraid to go all the way! 22 bestselling authors reveal what went on behind the curtain in your favorite YA novels. This collection features all new content -- deleted scenes, extended endings, and more.

This anthology is featuring:
The Grimoire Saga by SM Boyce | Keegan’s Chronicles by Julia Crane
Penny Black Trilogy by Stacey Wallace Benefiel | Ovialell Series by Tish Thawer
The Mythology Series by Helen Boswell | Funeral Crashing Mysteries by Milda Harris
The Tate Chronicles by K.A. Last | Dirty Blood series by Heather Hildenbrand
Fragile Creatures by Kristina Circelli | The Spellbound Trilogy by Nikki Jefford
A Dark Faerie Tale Series by Alexia Purdy | Forged Series by A.O. Peart
The Elsker Saga by S.T. Bende | Stories About Melissa Series by Bethany Lopez
The Waiting Series by Ginger Scott | The Double Threat Series by Julie Prestsater
The Cornerstone Series by Misty Provencher | The Runes Series by Ednah Walters
The Arotas Series by Amy Miles | The Death Series by Tamara Rose Blodgett
Judgement of the Six Series by Melissa Haag | The Wolf Trilogy by M.R. Polish

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 151

I'm usually not a big fan of short stories and anthologies, but I thought this collection of v-cards was a great idea, so I signed up for it. And it had everything from sweet to hot through different levels of awkward; real or not so much, some based purely on attraction and love, others also on magic and fate; some making me laugh, some taking my breath away, and some not being my cup of tea.

What I expected was to glimpse some new author styles and find new books to put on my tbr, and that's exactly what happened. For some, it was the characters that interested me, with others it was the world concept that piqued my interest.

However, I also expected real 18+ hotness, but most of it was very tame, safe for the fact that the deed was done. Some authors clearly stepped out of their comfort zone with this tidbit, and it read like it, but others clearly enjoyed moving their YA characters to a new level. Furthermore, I missed the rough corner. No one dared to venture there, and it feels purposely left out, although I believe it would surely fit some of the characters.

For Raine & Torin from Ednah Walters' Runes and Ull & Kristia from S.T. Bende's Elsker Saga, the two pairings I actually knew and love, I was especially excited to read what the boys had in store for their girls.
I was positively frustrated that Krisitia only dreamed, but I knew Ull had an impatient predator's streak buried deep down somewhere, and that would be an exceptional time to make use of it, so Dream-Ull did just that. hrhr! I think Kristia's hormones bring out the beast in him just right, and the reality could finally turn out to be a lot like this...
Frustrated wasn't even beginning to cover how I felt bout Raine and Torin, though. Torin is usually forceful like a strike of lightning, yet sweet, which is why I was really expecting him to... not take his time, but draw it out with pretty much every trick in his undoubtedly impressive collection, and take Raine for a tail-spinning rush. I don't know if I'm more peeved that he had no passion in his scene, or that the Norns actually dared to take this memory from them.
So sadly, both disappointed me regarding details and lasting impressions compared to some of the other authors in the collection, even though the boys both have lots and tons of smothering hotness to make use of. Granted, Kristia is dreaming, but still. Both authors have so good, balanced writing styles in their books, and they know how to write emotion too, that those v-cards felt like half-assed rush-jobs in comparison. =(

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Thank you for the approval of an ARC goes to:
Elephantine Publishing


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