Series: Lovers and Friends 1
Format: eBook
Pages: 240
Language: English
Debut: January 1, 2012
@: GoodReads

Read: August 2-3, 2013

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Hailey Anderson's deep, dark secret? She's been madly in lust with her overprotective brother's two best friends for years. Gorgeous woodworking artist Mark Allen and sexy doctor Tony Adamo have no idea they star in her fantasies every night.
After a nasty breakup with her abusive boyfriend, Hailey's looking for a little distance. Headed for a two-week Hawaiian vacation with her brother and his hot friends, Hailey can't wait to feast her eyes on Mark's and Tony's rock-hard, ocean-slick bodies. Even if she can't touch.
But instead of treating her like their little sister, Mark and Tony have a surprising proposition: a monogamous ménage à trois. The three of them—and no one else. Both men want Hailey and have agreed to share her. The red-hot reality is even better than the forbidden fantasy. Until Hailey's ex threatens their newfound happiness…

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 98

This was my very first venture into the ménage genre, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have hit it off any better than this. This story was just the right mix of everything. It was about family, an abusing/controlling relationship, and of course, the love to two men -- not to mention the sex.

It built slowly, with the trip to Hawaii and some mentioning of hotness, but everything still casual. Then it started with one man, before the other made a move on Hailey as well. And while they stayed perfectly down to earth, she was reeling, and I can understand that. Every erotic fantasy of yours come true? Hell, who'd believe that right off the hook, hm? Then, with her abusive ex on her heels, she's a bit pushed into things, but neither Mark nor Tony pressure her into anything. It's her decision, and since she's always wanted this... who could say no?

The background story was solid, and very good, too. The abusive, mad ex-boyfriend was top-notch, especially towards the end. I wouldn't have imagined it going this far, but wow... It was very, very dramatic! And like they didn't have enough problems already... At least the family was not too freak out, at least not for the most, the important parts. But I think it's easier if you don't have so much family, and they don't -- none of them. It's a small circle, and I think that's making it all the more comfortable and heart-warming.

The sex, although a ménage, didn't read totally off the scales for me. It's definitvely not as weird as reading BDSM somtimes is. For me, defintively not as weird as some of the Fifty Shades scenes. So, yes, I think I'm going to try something like this again, and I'm most certainly continuing on reading the series.

Area Scan: Flow: 4/5 -- Vocab: 3.5/5 -- Plot: 4/5 -- Heroes: 5/5 -- Villains: 5/5 -- Sidekicks: 5/5 -- Romance: 4/5 -- Smut: 4/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Action: 4/5 -- Humor: 2/5

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Sights: Teaser

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