I adopted this challenge type from a German blogger who did it last year. I thought it cool to gain points a different way, as in not just for reading, but also for buying.

Without further ado, here are the rules for gaining points:

  • Re-read a book in a series: +1
  • Buy/borrow a book to finish a series: +2
  • Read a new (for you) book in a series: +4
  • Finish a series: +6
  • Buy/borrow a book from a new series: -8

So you can set yourself a goal you want to achive, or you can just collect points along the way and see where it goes -- maybe you will surprise yourself. And yes, for the last book in a series you get 10 points!

My Goal: 100 Points

4 thoughts on “Series Reading 2015”

  1. I'm just curious is it negative 8 points to start a new series? And when you finish a book in the series is it 6 or 10 points? I'm excited to start the challenge!

    1. Yes, negative 8 points, because you're supposed to finish up on series you already have, not pick up new stuff 😉
      For any finished book for a series (frist time read), you get 4 points. If you finish a series, you get 6 points, so you technically grab 10 points with the last book.

      Thanks for signing up! =)

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