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Series: Guards of Folsom 1
English \ eBook, 214 pages
Debut: April 18, 2013
@: GoodReads

Read: February 15, 2014

Micah "Pup" Slayde knows he wants Tackett Austin the moment he lays eyes on him in the Guards of Folsom. Micah wants to have purpose, to be taken care of, and to take care of his Dom—wants to trust him completely, live for him, belong to him. To become his everything. Micah is sure Tackett is the one. The problem is, in order to be the perfect sub, he needs to stay focused, and that’s not easy for Micah, who suffers from what he refers to as a “broken brain.” Focus and adult attention deficit disorder rarely coexist.
Ever since Ty Callahan and Blake Henderson’s collaring ceremony, Tackett’s been thinking too much about his own loneliness. Even though Ty introduces Micah and urges Tackett to give him a try, Tackett isn’t so easily convinced. He’s spent his life pursuing a successful business career, and the subs he dominates almost never enjoy the kiss of his leather twice. Twenty years Micah’s senior, Tackett has no interest in taking on and taming such a young and naughty sub—but it’s difficult to resist such an adorable pup when he begs.

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 109

I found it! I really found the for me perfect story! Well, I am giving high rakings rather easily, but I think that's because I think of myself as having too high expectations, so I reign myself in and try to be more objective. I always want likable characters, steadily building pace, loooots of smut without getting the feeling it disconnects from the plot. That's somthing definitvely not that easy to achieve, but this really did it for me.

Micah and Tackett were likable without being over-the-top cliché swoony, which I think is perfectly fine, and although there's still quite some pieces left, they are not just sketched on to a surface. During some of the conversations but also their thoughts and actions we get to know them well enough, some glimpes even go rather deep for such a smutty read. I was honestly impressed! And they weren't your everyday characters, either. Micah and his scatterbrain were something I haven't encountered in this way before, it made me very curious about him and how it would fit into the plot. And then he was just so adorable and cheeky. Tackett was badass without scooting over into kink-only-weird, and he had a very sweet soft side to him as well. He was concerned, caring, controlling and playful without being typically Dom-mean. I really, really liked him as a character in general and also how he handled himself as a Dom.

There was about 20% of steady building until the real story started, so to speak, and I think that's okay. That first fifth wasn't particularly boring, either. A little flirting, getting a feel for the characters, etc. You need that time to ease into a new set of characters and a whole new series. And after that, there's a lot of smut and not so much story, but it doesn't give you the feel like it's only there for the graphics. It's closely knit to the characters' thoughts, feelings and actions, thus making it a real plotline, even though there's not that much actually happening. Plus, this was actually a very emotional read without being outright (over-)dramatic. It didn't have the ususal plot twist and drama triggers in them, which makes me want to sing praises to the whole concept even more. Oh, and the writing style was very nice, too. 😉

Furthermore, it's a very nice insight on the scene, I think, with just the right amount of kink without making newbies uncomfortable, although it did include one more harsh scene. I think that's one of the reasons I liked this so much. It was a bit more kinky than most (except for the hard-core inside stuff), but not so much only people in the scene themselves would understand and like it.

Overall, I am very much looking forward to more of all those characters, and that there will be a little more for me to explore without going so far as bewildering me or creeping me out. If that's the case, I am confident this will evolve into my favorite m/m-BDSM series.

Area Scan: Flow: 5/5 -- Vocab: 5/5 -- Plot: 4/5 -- Heroes: 5/5 -- Sidekicks: 4/5 -- Romance: 4/5 -- Smut: 5/5 -- Drama: 2.5/5 -- Suspense: 3/5 -- Humor: 3.5/5

Discovered: 5 Hoods5hoods

Guards of Folsom:
#1 Pup | #2 Tag Team | #3 Pony | #4 Roped

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