Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted at Tynga's Reviews which showcases new books you've received the previous week.


from NetGalley

Daphne Benedis-Grab: The Girl In The Wall
Sheila Jeffries: Solomon's Tale

Requested and got approved. I saw The Girl In The Wall in a WoW a few weeks ago, and just thought it might be an interesting read. And Solomon's Tale... I read a book from the perspective of a cat when I was a child, and I loved that and still own it, so I thought I might pick up another. The summary sure sounds interesting! Freebies

Addison Moore: Celestral 1 : Ethereal
Jessica Sorensen: The Fallen Star 1

Stumbled upon those, I don't know how. And since I'm not one to pass up a freebie, I just grabbed them without looking what they were about. 😉 Both first books, though I'm rather curious.


Cambria Herbert: Heven and Hell 1 : Masquerade

Price was reduced on this eBook, so I went and grabbed it. No hesitation, because I just had a bad experience where I didn't The Dark Duet 1 : Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts when it was less than a bug because I thought it might go down to a freebie -- and now it's back at it's old price of some three bugs. I headdesked, and I made it hurt.

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