Episodes: 22

Hello plot! What was going on my nerves in the first season, is gone in the second -- yuppieh! There were only a few episodes in the middle that were just to fill up, to losen the constant tension, and that was fine with me.

The season started just like the last one ended, and it continued on with just the right plot turns. Absolutely loved it. Plus, it's not just that some secrets get revealed, and some answers are found, and new questions are asked... no, you also got a few new characters, and I like every single one of them. They all fit perfectly into the picture, and especially like the reasons the new characters are introduced, their stories. Anyone who does not love Jo, get the heck off my blog! 😉 She and Dean are just... wow, I wish!

Now I really feel like it's getting simply awesome, and I am so happy I let myself be talked into watching this series (Thanks, Kati!).

2 thoughts on “[TV Reivew] Supernatural, Season 2”

    1. LOL haven't seen this one yet. But I'll keep it in mind, and think of you when I do come across it. 😉

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