Episodes: 16

This season stretches over exactly one year - namely Dean's last year before his soul is due to be carried into Hell by Hellhounds. Now, meet the two new hotties of this season: Bela (brunette on the left) who deals with supernatural items, and Ruby (the blonde to the right) who is a demon trying to help Sam.

While Ruby comes in handy saving the boys' asses from time to time, trying to help Sam in her own demonic way, Bella is just the loveliest of thieving magpies that Dean gets the pleasure of outwitting in the end. Loved them both, they're really strong female characters, it was about time some showed up in the series.

Alright, what else was awesome? I think this season had a lot of totally  embarrassing as well as hilariously humiliating episodes in it, and I loved every single one of them. Necessary, really, if you consider how it played out in the end. This series keeps surprising me with it's cruelty, I love it. *_* Now curious how on earth this mess is supposed to turn out alright again!

Favorite Episode: Bad Day at Black Rock, it has awesome scenes and quotes in it. Rofl for this one, seriously.

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