Surrender Your Love Trilogy
by J.C. Reed

#1: Surrender Your Love
#2: Conquer Your Love
#3: Treasure Your Love

This series is only suitable for readers 18+.

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The No Exception series continues on with the characters, but can be read independently.


  • Background Stories: Both Jett and Brooke had very unusual background stories, which made them strong and conflicted personalities. They were conflicted, and while Brooke gave way first, Jett was revealing his demons one at a time, chucking away at his perfection slowly.
  • Action: at least one full-action scene in each of the books -- just right. It was a bit of a let down that Brooke was so scared out of her mind at those times, though. It could totally rock more if she enjoyed the rides at least a bit.
  • Smut: Jett was a beast, geez 😉 This had lots of smoldering hotness, and a tiny bit of daring here and there, too.
  • Storyline & Twists: Awesome! This picked up some of the romance cliches along the way, but it managed to weave them into a better overall plot. Furthermore, there were several twists I totally didn't expect.
  • Writing Style: Nice flow, a bit of teasing-flirty humor, and even dramatic-poetic. I would definitvely recommend J.C. Reed for her style, although it was lain on thick at some points.

In Between:

  • Jett & Brooke: Although they started out to be amazing, interesting characters, they were reduced to 100% success-only alpha male and a damsel scared of freaking EVERYthing in the last book. =( Plus, once their relationship was established on shaky legs, Brooke was relying on him for everything, and made stupid things because she thought she was strong. She just totally let me down in that last installment, since she started out so independent and defiant in the first. And Jett grew a little too sappy for my tastes, it didn't really add up.


  • Character Development: While there is a lot going on plotwise and also in their relationship, I did not get the feeling that either of them actually grew in personality.
  • Drama: I wouldn't really call it dramatic, it was more on the action-side of things, really. I totally could've used that one certain death of a tiny, and it would've been unbeatable.
Series Rating: 4+ Hoods

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