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"Aphrodite, why are you doing this? You know I desire you, but you and I are more than just bodies and lust. We're connected beyond that."
"I don't see how!" Aphrodite was perilously close to tears again, which made her even more pissed off.
"I do." He closed the rest of the space between them and, taking one of her hands in his, Darius dropped to one knee before her. "I need to ask you something."
"Oh, Goddess! What?" Was he going to do something ridiculous like ask her to marry him?
He fisted his right hand over his heart and stared into her eyes. "Aphrodite, Beloved Prophetess of Nyx, I ask you to accept my Warrior's Oath. Sworn to you this day I pledge to protect you with my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul. I pledge to belong to you before all others, and to be your Warrior until I draw my last breath on this world, and beyond, if our Goddess wills it. Do you accept my oath?"
Aphrodite was filled with an overwhelming tide of joy. Darius wanted to be her Warrior! But that joy was short-lived as she thought about the repercussions of his oath.
"You can't be my Warrior. Zoey is your High Priestess." [...] "Zoey already gave me her blessing to pledge to you."
"She did what?"
The warrior nodded solemnly. "It was only right that I explained to Zoey what I intended."
"So this isn't just an impulse? You're actually thought this out?"
"Of course." He smiled up at her. "I want to protect you forever."
Aphrodite was shaking her head from side to side. "You can't."
Darius's smile faded. "My pledge is mine to give, so that is no hindrance. I am young, but my skills are vast. I assure you that I
can protect you."
"I don't mean that! I know you're good--you're too damn good! That's the problem." Silently, Aphrodite began to cry.
"Aphrodite, I don't understand."
"Why would you want to be sworn to me? I'm a total bitch!"
His smile returned. "You are unique."
Aphrodite shook her head. "I'll hurt you. I always hurt anyone who gets close to me."
"Then it is a good thing I am a strong warrior. Nyx was wise in giving me to you, and I am more than content with our Goddess's choice for me."
"Why?" Tears were running freely down Aphrodite's cheeks now, dripping from her chin and soaking into the T-shirt.
"Because you deserve someone who values you beyond wealth and beauty and status. You deserve someone who values you for yourself. Now, I ask you again, do you accept my oath?"
Aphrodite stared down into his strong, gorgeous face, and something within her broke free as she saw her future in his honest, unflinching gaze.
"Yes, I do accpet your oath," she said.
With a joyous shout, Darius stood and took his Prophetess into his arms. Then he held her gently until sunset as she cried out the knot of sadness and loneliness and anger that had for so long bound her heart.

~ P.C. & Kristin Cast: Tempted (pg. 119-121)

My heart almost stopped for this one, because I'm mayorly favoring this paring (that's why I typed up so much of the scene...), even before you got this insight on them. I wanted this to happen, and I am so damn happy it a) did happen, and b) how it happened, timing and everything, and c) happened in Aphrodite's point of view, so that it is really emotional and real and SWOONworthy!!!!

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