The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

It dawns on me that he is about to kiss me, and I panic because I've never kissed anyone for real, only while playing stupid games at junior high school parties--and he surely must know everything there is to know because he's wiser and he's a bad boy and he gets around and I'm just a silly girl and none of that matters because his lips are on mine and it's so easy I can hardly believe I worried I wouldn't know what to do.

~ Louise Rozett: Confessions 1 : Confessions of an Angry Girl (40%) [+gr]

This time, I opted for cute. Although I do so because there wasn't exactly any hotness going on in this installment, but I didn't really mind that. Looking forward to more of Rose and Jamie in the second book, especially to a little more steam. 😉

So, what did you swoon over today? Link me up!

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