The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

Taking a sharp breath, I met his beautiful eyes. In front of me he looked huge, dominating. But there was a fragility to him that made me realize he wasn't as intimidating as I previously thought.
"Maybe." I tilted my head, giving him full access to my exposed neck. His fngers trailed down my arms and rested on my hips. I swallowed hard and ignored the shiver his touch sent through my body. He wanted me. He wanted me bad. Right here, right now. I could see it in the way his eyes consumed me. And I wanted him, too. Badly.
Why not just give in?
Only once.

~ J.C. Reed: Surrender Your Love 2 : Conquer Your Love (44%) [+gr]

I loved this. The first installment wasn't half as charged and steamy in my opinion, but this... Jett really is someone totally to die for! Physically as well as his character.

So, what did you swoon over today? Link me up!

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