The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

Torin exhaled sharply as though he'd held his breath for too long. "Do that again."
His voice had dropped an octave, gone all husky and sexy. I shivered. "No."
"Touch me, Raine," he whispered achingly.
I wanted to touch him. Kiss him. Rip his shirt off and feast on every stretch of his hot body. I stared at his hands, my heart pounding with excitment and anticipation.

~ Ednah Walters: Runes 2 : Immortals (eARC, Loc. 3194-99) [+gr]

If that's not hot, then what is? Seriously, and Torin is such a babe! Especially when he begs only a few lines down... *drools*

So, what did you swoon over today? Link me up!

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