The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

I'm jealous of anybody you smile at that ain't me, he says. He takes a step closer. Reaches out. Runs the back of his hand down my cheek. A hot shiver ripples through me. You look at me with them eyes of yers, he says, an I look at yer lips... an all I can think about is what it 'ud be like to kiss you. You got no idea, do you? You got no idea how beautiful you are.
[...] I go to slip past him an he grabs my hand. Stops me. We're standin close. Too close. Stay, he says.
Before I can stop myself, I look at him. A mistake. Hot silver eyes. Burnin fer me. My heart lurches.
He leans his head down. Stay with me. He whispers it into my ear. Jest fer a while.

~ Moira Young: Dust Lands 1 : Blood Red Road (pg. 334-335) [+gr]

I swear, Jack is one hot piece of awesomeness. I don't know how Saba manages to tell herself no time and time again. She's a real stubborn mule, that one. I really, really hope those two will work out in the end, although I have a feeling there might be someone else, someone previously on the enemy side, that could show up and be of interest...

I haven't swooned in forever, but you ladies were so nice still including me in your shout outs. Thank you so much! Now, let's hop and link back and swooooon!

17 thoughts on “Swoon Thursday #27 - Blood Red Road”

    1. I had a really, really, really hard time getting into Blood Red Road, but I just finished it, and it was so awesome!!! When you get about 1/3 in, it is absolutely worth it. I can't wait to pick up Rebel Heart, it's already waiting on my shelf for me! =)

  1. I've missed you Caro!!!! I'm glad you're back 🙂 I love Post-Apocalyptic type books! Have you read any of the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole? There are 2 out so far, and they are amazing! I love you swoon! I hope she gives in and stops being stubborn! LOL Who can resist a man like that?
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    1. Thanks, Lindy. I'm glad to be back! 😉
      The Arcana Chronicles are on my tbr, but I haven't read one of them yet. There's just so much out there that's amazing... Don't know where to start!
      And yes, who could resist a man like that? I can tell you there is another very melting swoon scene later on, it was so hot and cute!

    1. I haven't even thought about that, but you're totally right. It's hot, possessive, and also totally cute (besides the sometimes annoying part). ^^

  2. Gotta love a guy who admits he's jealous lol. Great swoony scenes and great to have you swooning with us again 😉

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