The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

„Do you know what I would do if this was real?“ His voice was low, almost a whisper.
I lick my lips. „What?“
„I would kiss you.“
My entire face immediately went hot, not to mention every other part of my body. I parted my lips and tried to breathe normally as every inch of me craved his touch.
„I‘d start with the tip of your nose, then your cheeks, then your lips.“
I was sure I would never breathe again.

~ Jennie Bates Bozic: Damselfly (46%, eARC) [+gr]

Owww, this was so cute! There was a lot of cute moments, but this was the first totally swoon worthy, although still quite innocent, and I thought it fit to something that's tiny 6 inches tall, so I had to share!

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