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perfectionPerfection (Perfection 1) by J.L. Spelbring

"I am not sure I know how to love."
"That's not true." Rein gathered her hands in his and kissed her fingers. "Why did you leave The Center? Why did you come here? Look at all you have experienced--how much you've grown. Sorrow, compassion, friendship, betrayal, loneliness, loss, acceptance, and happiness." He paused and cupped her cheek. "I've seen you truly happy. Smiling. Laughing."
Wanting so much to see things his way, she inhaled. Confusion churned in her body as she tried to sort out the sensations.
Rein held her hand against his chest. His heart beat rapidly beneath her fingers. "Does your heart feel like this?" he asked.
There was no denying it. She nodded.
His fingers traced down to her midsection. Her muscles jerked at his feathery touch.
"And does your stomach quiver when I touch you?"
"Yes," she whispered.
"Blaze?" He moved closer and nuzzled her ear. "Do you feel it now?"
Ellyssa paused for a moment, enjoying the reactions he stirred in her. She'd felt them before, when she'd peeked into other people's thoughts. Their wants and desires. She'd always pulled out, afraid of discovering what she had been missing. She had lied to herself for years. She'd been lied to. There was nothing better than the way she felt now.
At that moment, she knew.
"I love you, too," Ellyssa breathed.

Those two are really cute, but I'm still wondering if circumstances or a change of heart will have her end up with the other candidate... They are quite similar, so I couldn't say I'd pick a team.

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