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treasureLoveTreasure Your Love (Surrender Your Love 3)
by J.C. Reed

I could see my own feelings and lust reflected in his eyes and feel them in the way he touched me. Strange that we had voices to talk, and yet our hearts spoke louder. Asking and yet not requesting. Pleading and yet not forcing. Making us aware there was one single truth in that single moment: we were in love.
Holding onto each other. Crazy about each other. Lost in our jungle of passion and fulfillment, we were insatiable. We were two of one mind.
His eyes probed mine with a gentleness that took my breath away. Even if I wanted to talk, I couldn't. I was afraid to break the moment because it was ours. In the solitude of the walls around us, it didn't matter where we came from or whether the world was coming to an end. All that mattered was there was still an us -- after everything that happened. The future was uncertain, but his love was not.

This was very sexy, and very playful and with lots of double meanings, but it also had it's deep moments. I enjoyed Jett and Brooke, although he was all badass alpha and she was all damsel, afraid of pratically everything. However, they had very interesting background stories, and lots of hot sex.

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