The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

tainted energyTainted Energy (Energy Series 1)
by Lynn Vroman

The gray in his eyes shined like silver as he traced a line down my cheek. "Lena..."
Standing on my toes, I touched my lips to his.
That was all the permission he needed. His arms wrapped around my waist the same time his lips pressed harder, making it difficult to stand. I didn't have to worry for long because he scooped me up and carried me to the flowered couch, never taking his mouth from mine.
His weight felt amazing, but I needed more. With fingers that only shook with anticipation, I found the bottom edge of his shirt and gave it a yank. He took care of the rest, pulling it over his head. Heat from his bare chest touching my skin caused my body to push up on its own. He groaned, and his lips found my neck as his hands moved up and under the flimsy top.
My hands were just as greedy, tracing the muscles on his back, sliding under the lip of is pants.
The sweet ache in my pounding heart had me gasping for air. His lips moved to mine, back to my neck...lower. All I could do was lace my fingers through his silky hair and hold on. Empyrean wasn't heaven. This was, right here, on this couch.

Tarek had the warrior hotness going for him full force, but it was Lena that really tickled it out of him, and I'm thinking it's even more her new self than the old one. The two really make a cute and hot couple, so swoony!

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