The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

I'm swooning over...

Wish For Me coverWish For Me
(The Djinn Order 1) by A. Star

"Are you ashamed of your body?"
I blanched. "What?"
"Why do you not want me to see you?"
"I'm not hiding my body from you, Irving. I'm not ashamed of how I look."
"Good. Then do as you're told and get naked. Now."
That confirmed it. I wasn't the master in this situation. Irving had given me an order and he fully expected me to obey. And I wanted to obey.

So the hotness is also a bit on the hash side, just like their usual snarky banter is, and while there is a sweet and/or shy moment in between, being all clammed up all of a sudden would suit neither of those two. There's a slice of kink, since Glory lets Irving play the master card in the bedroom, but mostly not, and vivid enough.

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