The ladies over at YA Bound created a sexy meme where you share what made you tingle in your current read.

"At least I have enough sense to know that we shouldn't be apart."
Jared's eyes tightened in anguish.
I leaned up and pulled his face close, pressing my lips to his cheek. The water poured over us as he pulled me to him, my light kiss making his blue eyes burn with intensity. He kissed me as if I was the air he'd gone without for five days. Neither of us held back, the agony we had experienced apart fueled every movement. Our lips parted, and he pressed me against the tile wall of the shower. I clutched the back of his shirt in each of my fists and pulled him against me, but I couldn't get close enough. Jared's hands gripped my face as he tasted the inside of my mouth.
I reached down to pull his shirt over his head, exposing the perfection of his bare chest. His wet shirt fell to the shower floor with a slap. I slid my hands down his bare back and he moaned in response. His mouth grew impatient, then, and he reached down to grab my knee. He lifted my leg and pulled me against him, and I pressed my fingers into the flesh of his back. I braced myself as the intensity in the small space soared to a new level...

~ Jamie McGuire: Providence

Not the first swoony/heated scene, but who could resist a guy dripping wet?? x)

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