[Swoon Reads Review] Heidi Acosta : Dark & Twisted Games

Dark & Twisted Games by Heidi Acosta

Series: Hearts of Faeylon #1
eBook, English, 255 pages
Debut: unpublished edition
@ Goodreads
Genres: Adventure, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Overall Rating: two-half-stars

Nothing ever happens in the small town of Copake Falls, and no one knows that better than sixteen-year-old Eden Day. Her life is a mundane carousal, rotating between caring for her alien obsessed aunt and dealing with her freak status at school. Until two brothers move into town and turn her life completely upside down.

Golden boy, Cardelian Foster is the talk of the town, and it seems his sights set on Eden. However, she finds herself drawn to the dark and elusive Jaxson instead. Caught between her fear of what he might be and her attraction to him, Eden makes it her mission to find out exactly who or what Jaxson Foster is.

Eden begins to dig for the truth, but the deeper she looks, the more her life seems to be in danger. Everyone around her thinks she’s going crazy, and Eden begins to agree until she finds herself pulled into Faeylon—a world that nightmares are made of. Caught in the center of a dark game, Eden realizes there can only be one winner, and she is the prize.

Read First: April 12-22, 2015 | Snuck from: Swoon Reads -- I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 160

I liked the idea of this dark and twisted game between two fae, that kind of thing is always a good idea, and I think Heidi Acosta could reach the right level of madness and cruelty, the dreams and Cardelain hinted at it. I also liked what I got to see of Faeylon so far, and the lore and abilities.

However, the way this is now, I can’t give it a good rating. There is a lot of work to be done, starting from some serious proofreading and editing in the first and last 30% to cut some repetative crap with lots of mistakes in it too that’s overstuffing and totally jumbling the reading flow, and moving on to plot and characters.
I understand you need a bit of to and fro to make the characters feel conflicted, but this was too much and only led to me thinking that the characters simply weren’t well developed at all, and to disliking Eden. She’s curious, like she should be, but then one minute she’s scared shitless, and the next she’s all survivor mode, but not like her fear actually inspired that bravery, no. And let’s not forget that she acts like a spoiled bitchy brat throwing a tantrum when left alone long enough in her head. Not cool at all.
Plotwise it was good until Eden got dumped in Faeylon and Cardelain suddenly seems to have forgotten all about her. Errr, main plot, where are you? If you condense the first part in the real world into maybe 40% and get to Faeylon faster, put in some more traps / twisted game play between Cardelain and Jaxson, maybe some close-up fight where Cardelain (barely) gets away so he might come back and torment them again in a sequel, before moving on to the escape part in the end, this read could be epic. Especially with that ending, I already have a good idea what is to come in book two and like the prospect.

Overall, I advise to less words, thus more structure and less contradictions. There were some parts in between where I really liked the style, but there are still skills to be learned for you. Keep working on it!

Heat: x -- Thrills: ∨ -- Laughs: x -- Tears: x

Rating: 2.5 Hoods


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