[Tour Review] Sybil Bartel : Impossible Choice

Not at all what I expected (I find that the blurbs on those books don't really fit their content), but still tons of awesome, because Choice now had everything that Promise was missing in my eyes. Better flow, better wording, stronger on the characters.

[Review] A.J. Bennett & Julia Crane : The Sicarii

Rogue Chronicles Entry I was basically head over heels in love with this after I read the summary -- so I was correspondingly disappointed when my expectations weren't met. Yes, this read was sexy as hell, it had lots of… Read More

[Tour Review] Sybil Bartel: Impossible Promise

Thanks for stepping by the Book Tour of Impossible Promise!! >>Full Blog Tour Schedule<< Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 157 I had very, very high hopes for this story. It ticked all my boxes, and getting head over heels into it… Read More