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I read the engraving--SAMUEL CAVAR--and gasped. "Samuel Cavar was an alias you used," I said to Sam. "I read about it in your file."
"Cavar is Spanish," he said. "It means 'to dig'."
Cas pushed up his sleeves. "Well, then, amigos, I guess we cavar the shit out of this grave."

~ Jennifer Rush: Altered (pg. 106)

I practically inhaled that, totally fascinated, and it had quite the rapid pace. I loved the boys, all of them, and I loved Anna for every inch of her personality. And the alterations that had been done to them... omg, so awesome.

I stare at her for a moment, not grasping her questions. And then it hits me, and my eyes go wide.
She doesn't know it was me.

~ Isaac Marion: Warm Bodies (pg. 28)

Oh, this is a lot more twisted than what I got from the movie trailer. But now I'm not so sure if reading the book first was such a good idea. oO
Anyway, the style is something else, a weird kind of funny. I'm curious how this is going to develop.

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