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"I blacked out. Next thing I see is you standing over me, telling me you love me."
"Oh. You heard that?"
"It was the only thing I could hear while I was asleep."
Emery looked away and collected her thoughts and the words to say. With a sigh, she broke the silence. "You weren't sleeping, Arson. You were dead."

~ Estevan Vega: Arson (95%)

Arson was... Well, not too exciting, I guess. Very emotional, though. And it had a nice change in perspective, a third person narrator from different angles. So you got to see a lot of things that gave you answers as much as it asked new questions.

She felt naked. Emery shook her head violently, trying to stumble out of the fog. She was awake, just not fully awake. Her eyes started to drift. Her stomach and chest felt sore. She lifted up her shirt, confused by the slight scars that had never been there before.

~ Estevan Vega: Arson 2 : Ashes (5%)

So book two, I think this one will be a lot more interesting plotwise! Please look forward to my tour stop with the reviews next week, March 4.

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