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"This is a good thing. They'll remove me, and I'll go back to the Great Oak. It'll be forced to give me a new parable."
Kaliel's eyes lit up. "You mean?"
"I won't have to surrender."

~ Rhiannon Paille: The Ferryman & the Flame 1 : Surrender (48%) [+gr]

This is very complicated, and so far you only got glimpses of what could really happen. A lot of potential threats that could get as bad as a snowball becoming an avalance. It has me on my toes, fearing the worst and ridiculously hoping for the best.

His father coughed and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He gasped for air. "Ryder, I haven't much time. Just know that you mist find and destroy Grishma. Otherwise you will never be able to save your mother and sister, and none of our kind will ever be safe."

~ Kelly Anne Blount: Grishma (2%) [+gr]

As far as I'm concerned, this is a very interesting beginning. I have as much a clue as Ryder what kind he is exactly, and Grishma certainly sounds like an aweful beast.

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