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Craving more of her touch, I shifted on the floor so my arm touched her shoulder. Echo's lips never moved, but my siren sang nonetheless. Her song seared my skin and my nose burned from her sugar and cinnamon scent.

~ Katie McGarry: Pushing the Limits (pg. 83) [+gr]

I'm in nots over this. I can barely let it go. It's so emotional, I love the shifting PoV, the drama, the sweet and the hot. Gosh, I can't even put in words how reeling this story has me.

It's Charlie. That girl got in my brain and dug around. She found the one morsel of good in there, held it up to the light, and said, "See here? See this? Look how sparkly! Let's make it grow."

~ Victoria Scott: Dante Walker 1 : The Collector (pg. 250) [+gr]

I know Dante has got very contradictory responses, but I like him. I have to laugh at his attitude and way of thinking/speaking. It's not at all like I imagined him, but it's so hilarious, I love it.

15 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday #39 - Pushing the Limits & The Collector”

  1. Both great teasers! I had a hard time getting into Pushing the Limits, but maybe I'll give it another go. Thanks for visiting my teaser today 🙂

  2. Ohmygosh, two absolutely amazing books!!! I lovedlovedloved them both! Pushing the Limits was awesome. I'm starting Dare You To very soon and I CAN'T EVEN WAIT! The Collector was awesome. Simply awesome. I just adored Dante. I'd wrap him up and put him in my pocket if I could. So glad you're enjoying both of these beauties!! Thanks for sharing the awesome teasers! 🙂
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