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His lips were so familiar. I'd been kissing them for the last year and closing my eyes, I could have been that girl again.
Just for a minute.
And so I kissed him back.

~ Emma Silver: Blackbrooke 2 : The Guardian (34%) [+gr]

Ever since finishing Blackbrooke, I was excited for the sequel. Blood and horror is not really my thing, but Emma Silver's world fascinated me, and I desperately wanted to know how this story goes on. And I wasn't disappointed.

I used to know what I was doing, how I was feeling. Now, I'm just a big ball of bewilderment. I don't know who you were, and worse, I don't think I know who I am anymore.

~ Karla J. Nellenbach: A Sliver of Hope (65%) [+gr]

16 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday #41 - The Guardian & A Sliver of Hope”

  1. Ooh nice teases! Haven't heard of these. Hope you enjoy the rest!

    Thanks for visiting my Teaser!

  2. I heard about Blackbrooke a while ago but it didn't seem like something I'd like because of all the blood and gore and zombies.
    But the teaser is rather tempting.

    I am going to check out a Silver of Hope though, it sounds awesome!

    1. I hate blood and gore and zombies, but I read it kind of as a favor to a friend. And although it was bloody and nasty and creepy (especially the second book), I loved it. Really, it was totally worth it. I hope they're going to make this trilogy into at least one movie. That'd be epic!

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