The Hunger Games Trilogy
by Suzanne Collins

#1: The Hunger Games
#2: Catching Fire
#3: Mockingjay

In Her Shoes ~Katniss~

Recommended by: Kati K.

  • The story, of course! This world... and the plot, too. This whole idea was just awesome, I doubt we'll find anything equally amazing in the fantasy department for a while.
  • The characters! It was nice that main character Katniss had such... numerous and realistic flaws, but well balanced with strengths. Moreover, it was even more phantastic that her love interests, Gale and Peeeta, weren't some super-perfect beings, but just as full of knits and bumps as Katniss. A rare find in fantasy nowadays, I believe. And all the other more interesting and important characters were just like them, definite individuals, and they didn't stand out with any kind of super powers.
  • The love triangle. You have to admit, you rarely find one that realistic in a fantasy story. Neither Gale nor Peeta just popped up in Katniss's life and is suddenly in love with her, she knows them both, albeit differently well, and what's happening plot-wise really doesn't leave her the time to figure out her feelings. *stamps approval*
  • The writing style. You can't help but totally slip into Katniss. And when she has absolutely no clue on what's going on, neither do you. Very well done, almost annoying in the third book.
  • Arc of suspense. Each book was very nicely done in itself, and they turned out to be just as well planned through overall. It's not just some books all settled in the same world and then named a series.
  • The covers, mabye. I mean, they don't really look much, do they?
  • The epiloque. We could've very well been spared with that one, since it was a fail matching the one at the end of the Harry Potter books, and be merry, but no.... *sigh*

Series Rating: 5 Hoods

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