the immortals Series
Alyson Noël

#1: Evermore / Die Unsterblichen
#2: Blue Moon / Der blaue Mond
#3: Shadowland / Schattenland
#4: Dark Flame / Das dunkle Feuer
#5: Night Star / Der Stern der Nacht
#6: Everlasting / Für immer und ewig

In Her Shoes ~Ever~
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  • The Twins: They were very interesting characters and kept a little mystery around them right to the end.
  • Topic: Although not evident until the last installment, this journey was actually well thought out and rooted deeply.
  • Chara-Connections: Awesome. There's this nice saying that you always meet twice a life or something, and this way of kindred spirits or linked souls or whatever you want to call it: I liked it a lot.
  • Summerland: Rocked, plain and simple.
  • Jude: I admit I was Team Jude basically from the moment he stepped into the story. I hated that even his ending wasn't clearly stated as positive.

In Between:

  • Ever: My poor nerves. Ever was one heroine you didn't want to have around you, because she'd make you scream. Yet made all the more sense towards the end. More details to that here.
  • Style/Pace: Although most of it had it's importance in all the little scenes that all made sense in the end, this still was too long a journey for this kind of ending. Too repetatie, and not well balanced.


  • Damen: He may have been handsome, but he was also the epitome of cocky. Even when he "redeemed himself" by not allowing much luxury anymore. And seriously, after the second book I didn't even think he was that sexy anymore. No kidding. He was just ... too shallow, and too passive. Not much of a male lead.
  • Ending: There was this big fat enlightment at the end, but it was still unsatisfactory. If you read six books, you don't want to find a "and now their REAL story actually begins"! Urghs. Plus, the message/lesson was too earthly-spiritual and just ruined it all.
Series Rating: 2+ Hoods

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