Clockwork Angel

1.1 On the Bridge: Will and Jem before Clockwork Angel
1.2 Several Deleted Scenes
1.3 Burning Bright, Jem's PoV
1.4 Why Will Hates Ducks
1.5 Of Loss: Will x Tessa Kiss, Will's PoV
1.8 Will's Unfinished & Unsend Letter to his Parents

Clockwork Prince

2.1 An Offering of Moonlight: Jem x Tessa Kiss, Jem's PoV
2.2 Deleted Scene, Ch. 17: In Dreams
2.3 Will's Love Letter to Tessa
2.4 The Whole of It

Clockwork Princess



Shadowhunter Runes
(Imaginary) Cast

The Mortal Instruments Extras

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