Episodes: 23

New Intro: Hmm.. I'm not so sure. I kinda liked the old one, where it explained the term Mentalist. However, I like the new one because it has a few nice shots of Patrick and it's in color and motion.

Good parts: I had the feeling it took in forever for Rigsby and Van Pelt to hook up, but it happened! eventually, yes! I think they make a very cute, but also passionate couple. Screw the rules... I especially liked the episode when Grace's current boyfriend turned out to be the bad guy, and Grace and Rigsby almost kissed. So cute!

Then the ending, with Kristina and the actual meeting with Red John. Omg, that almost stopped my heart! It was so awesome! Btw, I am not so sure... but I don't think Kristina is still alive. It'd be another death on Jane's hands, more or less. However, IF she's still alive... urgh, I don't wanna think about it. It could be really creepy - and Jane would blame himself for it as well.

Bad parts: AHHHH, Wayne/Grace breakup! NO! alfjasdlfjalsdfkj!! I want them to be together again T.T

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