Episodes: 24

OMG, how I hated LaRoche! Such a pig, really, gross! Those nervous eyes of his... urgh. He dug up some very, very ugly things and played on the bad side of people. So I was very proud of Cho when he lied for Rigsby, and even prouder of Grace when she denied to wear that wire. Plus, I laughed so hard in episode 16 when Jane says "Oh, you've been LaRoched". x)

But this season was really, really good, with Hightower being framed for murder, at the start of that episode I had to pause and let it sink in for a moment before watching it. Whew. And the last two episodes - which are part one and two of actually a double length episode -, I could barely sit still. Things really narrow down now, we're getting closer to Red John! However, I don't really think that was him in the last episode. That would've been way too easy, wouldn't it?

But there are some other minor things I liked: Ricksby's father was introduced, Grace got a good look on him, and he's a first-rate ass. But Wayne is such a sweetheart, handling him like that, gotta love that man! Talking about loving Wayne - he declined Grace's wedding invitation! He's really a good person, I don't know why Grace just can't... argh, I'm so angry with her! She deserved that good-bye kiss, as punishment. Btw, Lisbon looked so cute in that braidmaids' dress, didn't she? I'm not a fan of pink, but I still thought it suited her. Jane described her very fitting as "an angry little princess" *fg* Last but not least, how Cho worked for that kid who was about to become a gang member in order to keep his father out of jail, it was just amazing. He ususally just amuses me with his deadpan character, but to see him like this... love it!

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