City of Bones

1.1 Deleted Prologue
1.2 Magnus's Vow
1.3 Greenhouse Scene, Jace's PoV

City of Ashes

2.1 Kissed: Magnus and Alec's First Kiss
2.2 Because It Is Bitter: The Seelie Court, Jace's PoV
2.3 Deleted Scene of Ch.14 "Fearless"

City of Glass

3.1 Original First Chapter, with comments
3.2 Deleted Scene, Ch. 2: The Demon Towers of Alicante
3.3 Deleted Scene, Ch. 6: Bad Blood
3.4 Deleted Scene, Ch. 7: Where Angels Fear to Tread
3.5 Deleted Scene, Ch. 9: This Guilty Blood
3.6 Manor Scene, Jace's PoV
3.7 Jace's Letter to Clary
3.8 Jocelyn's Story
3.9 Deleted Scene, Ch. 20: Weighed In The Balance
3.10 A Dark Transformation: Jonathan takes Sebastian's Place

City of Fallen Angels

4.1 A Short Story in Postcards, prae CoFA
4.2 The Act of Falling, Jace's POV

City of Lost Souls

5.1 Serious?, Simon x Isabelle
5.2 A Question of Power
5.3 Stephen Herondale's Letter to Jace
5.4 DSCS - Dirty Sexy Club Scene
5.5 We are Shadowhunters
5.6 Deleted Scene, Magnus x Alec

City of Heavenly Fire



Shadowhunter Runes
(Imaginary) Cast
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The Inferal Devices Extras

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