Throne of Amenkor Trilogy
by Joshua Palmatier

#1: The Skewed Throne / Die Assassine
#2: The Cracked Throne / Die Regentin
#3: The Vacant Throne / Die Kämpferin

  • Titles: While the English titles state the status of the throne, the German titles state Varis's changing status. Actually, I like both, but the third German title... not so well picked as the first two.
  • Describtions! I really liked Palmatier's descriptive mode, despite it being a bit dragging. He was just as careful with details on the surroundings or clothing as he was with the order of events, especially in battle.
  • World / Elements: I enjoyed Ameknor and Venitte, the thrones, the Seven, the memories, the structure and boundaries, even the political setup. And the Chrol, of course!
  • No romance: Well, I think it was nice for a change, and it would've totally killed the whole mood of the books. Of course there is a little, but really only a little. Can recommend that to guys who don't like all the swoony-stuff going around.
  • Varis: The concept of having a female lead in power, a fighter, supports the non-romance mood quite well, and that she's a guttersnipe to boot, thus has a totally different view and way to handle things in the top position is very nice. I'd like to see more of that. Just her character didn't sit well with me.
In Between:
  • Politics! and tactics. Both quite heavy, but not un-managable. However, I think it could've been managed with less.
  • Covers: So-so. I'm not so keen how they portrait Varis (those
    poses!), I'm not even keen on the idea on having her on the covers. I
    like the brown, though. I think it matches the books quite well.
  • Character development, especially on his main Varis. Although these are three quite thick books with a certain amount of time elapsing and enough events, occurances, and whatnot to change a person, Varis did not gain any depth. She may have gained some strength, skills and knowledge, and a lot of attitude, but not depth. Like her feelings could never change, no matter what happened in her life. Thus, she became sadly very annoying with her dagger...
  • Supporting characters: But also the other characters surrounding Varis were only scratched on the surface, leaving a lot for the reader to read in between the lines and from them to whole persons. I admit there were a lot, but he could've picked a few to go more into detail with. I'd have loved to get more of Erick, Westen and Keven, of Ottul, Brandan and Sorrenti. *sigh*
Series Rating: 3 Hoods

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