What do you do when you know you have a week in the hospital? You fill up your eReader, that's what. Yes, I surprisingly still have some space left on it, I do know some restraint! But right then, I was hit by the urge to try something new, and somehow I ended up with a bunch of hot step-brothers.

The concept always intrigued me, ever since I read a book of V.C. Andrew's Cutler Saga, although I don't remember which one exactly (I'm hoping to one day read the whole saga from the top), but it had a very intriguing step-sibling romance in it. I'm such a junkie for everything shameful and forbidden. Well, at least on (digital) paper.

The Step-Brother Haul

SCORE was a 3-in-1 read including
1. Dare by Caitlin Daire -- 2. Storm by Alyssa Alpha -- 3. Score by both authors

Love them or hate them?

That's only three different authors I tried, two with a similar style, but I think it's just not my cup of tea. At least, not the clean version with the two of them meeting as adults, preferably before they know they are bound to be step-siblings soon, that I'm guessing is the popular get-go. That is so... lame. It takes the edge off, dismanteling the whole concept, and then it's pretty much the regular romance read. What's the point in setting them up to be step-siblings in the first place if you forgo the biggest taboo the label has to offer? Yeah, I doubt any romance author would actually dare to harvest that potential in fear of rubbing good Christian (or otherwise religious or strongly-opinionated) people the wrong way. Pity.

What about you?

Do you read step-sibling romances? What prompted you to try them out? Do you love them or hate them? Any thoughts on my problem with what I read so far? Or any recommendations for authors who actually dared?!

2 thoughts on “Trying Something New : Step-Brother Romance”

  1. You like to read everything shameful and forbidden, huh? And where's the problem with that? 😉 I get your point about why authors do not dare to harvest the real potential of those stories, though. A shame, indeed . . . I read a few that really didn't work out well for me because yes, they were the same and felt a bit flat. The only step-siblings story (New Adult) I can honestly say I truly loved so far is Rival by Penelope Douglas, which I would recommend even though you haven't read the previous instalments. It really works!
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  2. I don't have a problem with being naughty when it comes to my reading and writing. None whatsover. 😉
    I'll have a look at that story, thanks for the recommendation, Silvia! =)

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