Twilight Series
by Stephenie Meyer

#1: Twilight
#2: New Moon
#3: Eclipse
#4: Breaking Dawn


  • Titles/Covers: I like the references to the time of day, and that the covers are all red and white on black background. Someone really was creative there, because I think the mystery of it makes you want to dig into the story.
  • Writing Style: As simple as it was, it pulled you into the story and wouldn't let you out. I was reading those one after the other, barely able to put them down, and then I read them again, and again, and then only some parts I particuarly liked. Sounds addictive, doesn't it? That's how I felt, too. Plus, I infected my whole family with it. 😛Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
  • Love Triangle: We're all ususally totally sick of the topic being mingled into a story that in itself might already be great, but I fairly enjoyed it in here. Plus, I thought it actually made sense. Since Jacob was Bella's childhood friend and in love with her before he finally turned wolf, and Edward being a vampire had a human naturally under his spell, yet he found Bella as his mate, so it wasn't like he could move on or something. However, as you can see on my team button, I thought she made the wrong choice, but that's about all.
  • Jacob: Ohmigoodness! *swoons* It's not just that Taylor Lautner got the role and totally personifies Jake for me, I also thought him totally perfect as a book character. I mean he fell in love with Bella all over again after seeing her again after years, and he didn't just fight for her because of his pride or ego, but also to protect her from herself. And then, although he was rejected multiple times, he stayed close to her as a friend. Just how many men would actually do that, huh?
  • Supporting Characters: I liked pretty much all of them, vampires as well as werewolves, heck even the humans kind of, because they all had a very own and special story behind their thoughts and actions.
  • Jacob x Nessi: I thought it was a very nice consolation prize, very sweet. It definitively stopped Jacob fans from slaughtering Stephenie Meyer. ^.^
  • New Twists in the Myth Department: Sparkling-in-the-sun vampires? Ooookay, why not. Vamps changing eyecolor with stomach status? Yeah, good. Cozy warm werewolves that shift when being too emotional? Awesome!
  • Vampires vs. Werewovles: I found the conflicts in this series were very good thought out. Territory, mistrust, instincts. Wolves only come to shift when there are too many vampires around, no matter if they are vegetarian or not, and the treaty about the land was also a nice base for more.

In Between:

  • Plot: Hm-hm, not so sure on that front. There were a few cases where I rolled my eyes and thought, "Yeah, sure, because it couldn't be anything less melodramatic in Bella's case". I like how one led to the other, mostly making sense, and how everything was somehow woven into the right places, but I'm not so keen with the overall ideas of each plotline. I can't pinpoint the why, it's just felt a little far-fetched for the general down-to-earth setting and feeling of the books.
  • Life Mates: Hmmmm... It was okay since it was an issue for both, vampires and werewolves. But generally I'm not so much a fan of the idea.
  • Nessi's powers: She just reversed her parent's powers, which is in general not an half-bad idea. But I would've preferred something more original.


  • Edward x Bella: WTF??? I can understand the way they are drawn to each other, but I do not understand the choices they make, especially concerning their relationship. Yet, they somehow manage to leave all of this miraculously behind them, without anger or fear or grudges. Unnatural and unhealthy, which weighes even heavier since the feeling fo the book is so... right and calm.
  • Emmet: Muscle with a lot of heart, but no brain. *le sigh* I wish he would've gotten a little more time and purpose.


  • Rosalie's No-Vote: Loved that one! Who didn't? Get off my blog, you!
  • Quil imprinting on Claire: I thought it was odd when Jacob mentioned that Claire was merely two years old, but hey. I kinda liked the idea that their relationship was timeless. I would love to know more, so I'm venturing into FFs on that pairing, too.
Series Rating: 4 Hoods

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  1. I loved the Twilight series, it's what starting me reading YA paranormal, before that I really only read women's fiction (beside's Harry Potter of course), and didn't read nearly as often as I do now. I only read going to bed. And I only read the Twilight books, because I watched the movies first, and only watched them because my son wanted to see them. So I never had my own vision of Edward or Jacob, only the movie version. But I am totally team Edward lol
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