I did it again. Sorry, but things were bothering me again. I feel it's good to reorganize everything every once in a while, because it gives you new energy for more if you get to see things in a new shiny style. And with my 3 year blogoversary just around the corner, this is exactly what I need. =)

So after I felt like I needed space to display everything last time, now the reverse is the case, and I cut down heavily on the display. I want to focus more on content, and to use the Ultimate Shortcodes for all my extra formatting from now on.

So what's new?

I'm still doing a light theme, Infinity this time, so not the colors.

However, I exchanged the author info box at the end of each post with a nice about me box in the sidebar. Going to edit the text eventually, but the old one will do for now.

The local time and date, might or might not be staying on display. I feel a little like I need to show it, because of the different time zone in Germany -- but then again, there's also bloggers from New Zealand, Australia, etc and... it's actually not that important.

New Follow Me buttons styled with Ultimate Shortcodes without any distracting numbers and all the different codes. Now it's all in one, made by self. I only use like 1/5 of the shortcodes, but I love it! I also used it to style my Challenge Progress buttons.

I love that Jetpack now has a goodreads widget, but this might eventually leave the sidebar as well. I'm enjoying it for now, though.

And I'm especially excited about all the new meme graphics I'm working on, which will soon be added. They'll all have wolves, as I feel they are the perfect companions for a rogue with words. And coz I love them, obviously. x)

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