Book to Movie -- Warm Bodies

When I watched that trailer, I laughed so hard. R seems like an absolutely lovable character, and I like that Teresa Palmer is playing the female lead, Julie. I really enjoyed watching her in I Am Number Four, she's just an awesomely badass Number Six. I also recognized John Malcovich who's starring as Julie's father and general, and Analeigh Tipton who's playing Julie's friend, Nora. Recognizing part of the cast is always a plus for me, I like to draw comparisons to former experiences.

But it's not just the cast, the story sounds interesting too. Well, mainly it sounds very, very funny based on the cast, and the scenes shown in the trailer. I'm pretty sure this movie will very nice to watch, even if you don't know the book, and I'm dying to have it in theaters! However, I'm also going to buy and read the book before that happens. This is going to be a blast!


Book to Movie -- Beautiful Creatures

I've seen the book around and thought the story sounded fairly interesting, I even liked the simplicity of the covers. So when a friend of mine told me to watch the trailer below, I was on. I didn't recognize any of the actors, so my interest wasn't piked on that front, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm definitively going to buy and read that first book before the movie comes out in February 2013.


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