I am very excited to participate in the WinterHaven Sleigh Tour 2012 hosted by WinterHaven Books. In this second of the three weeks until Christmas, we are to post a Dear Santa Wish List, so we'll be -as always- sharing book love, but also the excitement to open your presents this year. For more information you can check out this page and see who else is on the sleigh with a book wish to Santa this week.

Dear Santa,

this is -finally- my last Christmas in college. I'm totally busy with my bachelor thesis, I have been for months, so this is going to be the first Christmas I am not giving out presents. To be fair, no one is getting any, not even my beloved. But I know I'll be back into the season excitement next year, picking and buyng and wrapping up. Yes, I regret I don't have time for it this year, I love gifting something to someone more than unpacking my own presents. 😉

I'm looking forward to finally coming home after almost three months, see my familiy, my friends. I'm glad to have them, because they are so understanding of me being totally busy, not in the mood, etc. They always been lending an ear to me ranting, especially in those last months, and I'm greatful for that. I just know that for our Christmas party on the 22nd, my friends will be ignoring my still exhausted-bad mood, and be happy around me until I start smiling with them. =) And my family will be showering me with delicious cooking, which I am looking forward to as well, since I've been so lazy with my own cooking for some time now.

I'm so excited to call my exchange family in the US, as I do every Christmas since I returned to Germany, to hear what's new and just hear their voices. We kinda never manage to talk over the year. Pathetic, huh? I hope I can work on that. I'm gonna wish for them all, family here and there, to be in good health for the next year, so they can see me finally all grown up, and I hope they'll be proud that they helped me become the me I am today.

Other than that, Santa, I'm basically only wishing for this semester to be over quickly - and successfully, so I can start working. I'm dying to make my own money, so I have more to spend on books. Yes, I know I have a one-track mind, but I don't care. I think it's one of my lovely traits. 😉

And my book wish particularly for this post is Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista. I'm in love with this cover, the title, and I'm so excited about the story.

Now, Santa, I know you're busy this time of the year, so be on your way and make sure everyone gets things they want this year, along with the love and warmth of the season.

Love, Caro

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