The team of WinterHaven Books came up with a huge, awesome Christmas event for the book blogging community.

The event consists of three parts, and you can chose to participate in either, two, or all three of them. Plus, there are giveaways for the blog hop as well as for the participants! How awesome is that?

I replied with a "Count Me In!" on all three events, so the Sleigh Tour will be hopping though The Book Rogue on December 6 for the first even [a theme book review], on December 13 for the second event [a Santa Wish List post], and on December 20 with the third event [a christmas story].

I'm particularly excited about the last one, because among all participants, WinterHaven Books will give away a book package to be donated to an elementary school or library of the winner's choice. That'd be so awesome, because although I live in Germany, I have an International Elementary School down the street (made private and international only about 5 years ago), meaning they get tought English straight from first grade, and I know some teachers and also some kids there, and I know they'd burst with happiness if they got new books to work with for free.

All in all, the project is huge, so I'm glad there's four of them at WinterHaven Books to handle it all, and I know they're happy if as many of us bloggers as possible join the fun. THat's the point of a blog hop, right? Thus, if you're interested, please check out their info and sign up page here.

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