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Title: Stalker
Author: Clarissa Wild

Expected Publication: June 16, 2015


Fuck me once, I'll fuck you twice... then I'll bury you.
No prison can keep me from seeking revenge. Especially when it comes to her.
She, the woman who put me in jail.
I swore that I’d come for her, to claim what belongs to me: Her life.
I’m not a good man. On the contrary, I love to be bad. It’s in my veins. Just like it’s in my veins to ruin her.
She’s an actress, pretending to be a saint, but we both know that isn’t true. One way or another, she’ll pay for what she did.
I will hunt for her. Make her fear me. Make her body mine.
Bad deeds never go unpunished… And I always go out with a bang.

18+ WARNING: This book is a dark romance stand alone - it has a non-conventional ending. This isn't rainbow sprinkles & unicorn fluff. It's a dark, thrilling journey of two people clashing over love, lust, and hatred. Heed the warning. Contains graphic violence, alcohol, drugs & other disturbing content.

Why I am lurking on this: I had seen this before last week, but somehow failed to put it on my watchlist -- for whatever reason, I have no idea, because it's beyond me why I wouldn't be all, "OMG OMG OMG I NEED THIS NOW". Yeah... you get my drift.

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