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Title: Angel of Mercy
Series: Cambion 3
Author: Shannon Dermott

Language: English
Publisher: Wicked Truth
Format: eBook
Expected Publication: December 31, 2012


Loss cuts deep, deeper when you’ve only had what seems like a short time with that person. Your feelings were already confused and now there was no more time. Mercy’s perilous adventures ran light speed ahead when newcomers come to town. Lycanthropes, demon hunters, and someone else who will come between her heart and her head will play a part in determining her fate and the fate for if not all, most of her friends.

Why I am looking forward to this: I just started the first book in the series, but boy! It's like a drug! There's just so much in here, and I doubt it will disappoint in the end, so I'm already claiming this one as a must-read for next year!

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